In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: ”Ready for Your Close-up.”The course of life of each person is given by destiny.So the life o living is a film in which roles can differ from person to another person .It can by romantic,dramatic or action .General film is inspired from the our stories.Of real people from various real interesting .We are involved in the day to day give us page wuhere we own film makers ,actors were storytellers.


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: ”From the Top.”if i had this chance to be reborn i would choose a new beginning and i would not make mistakes that we made today is a new beginning and a new life .Nobody want a new life with out realizing when the one day .They are strong unite and overcome all having a new life .And a new beginning leaving be hind the past.


Very nice and very special for everybody .Everybody some believe of the God!

Stuff my dog taught me

imagesDear God:

Thank you for my wonderful, wonderful family. Love them all to bits. Would run into a burning building to rescue them. But sometimes, I must confess, I pray for a bit of alone time (and by ‘alone time’ I mean time spent by myself when I AM NOT shopping for items they require, folding laundry, or cooking food in giant, institutional-sized pots).

And so, dear God, I must confess to cheating just a bit…

  • I confess to moaning about having to go back to work after dinner when I am really just watching Netflix on the laptop in my office
  • I confess to deliberately signing multiple kids up for back-to-back voice lessons and making hubby be the chauffeur, just so I could have two full hours alone in the living room every Tuesday
  • I confess to pretending to run out of things just so I can go to…

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On the Run: Blogging the European Refugee Crisis

The Blog

People all over the world were horrified last week when they saw the picture of a dead Syrian child, Aylan Kurdi, being picked up from the beach in Turkey. His family’s attempt to escape the brutal civil war in their country had ended in tragedy.

From Calais to Kos to Lampedusa, the blogging community has been following the refugee crisis in Europe — as well as the conflicts that feed it — as it rapidly escalated over the past two years, and especially this past summer. Here are some of the most powerful voices we’ve come across weighing in on this massive humanitarian disaster.

A Letter from One Mother to Another

In a post full of tragic irony, a writer contrasts the plight of a refugee mother with the sanctimonious complaints of a mother who’s safe at home with her kids:

Dear Irresponsible Migrant Mother,

What exactly were you thinking when you…

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